List of products by brand Quercetti®

We make educational toys for children from all over the world. We strive to do so well, indeed in the best way possible, because we believe that in the early years children lay the foundations for all the learning, skills and knowledge that they will develop later in life.

Each component of our toys is conceived, designed and produced in our only branch, in Turin. Creating toys for children is a difficult task which requires responsibility, and this is why we prefer to make everything in-house, like a large family, with a closely knit and motivated team. In this way, we can control every single phase of the production chain, from beginning to end, one step at a time.

We have been making toys in Italy for more than 70 years, trying to have a positive impact on our region, helping communities who are struggling and creating value for people.

We are attentive to the environment and have been so well ahead of the curve.

Inside our factory, we carry out a conscious production, aimed at reutilizing and giving new life to all the production waste, in order to have the smallest possible impact on the planet.

Every year with experiment with innovative technologies on materials, and on educational content and its functions, while always remaining faithful to our only mission:
to “Give today’s children the instruments to be better adults tomorrow”.

Daisy Maxi

Daisy Maxi is an educational game of composition with large pegs to insert or stack dedicated specifically to the needs of gr...

Migoga Junior

In Migoga Junior all the elements are very large and each one has a different color so as to recognize them immediately; with...

Peg Brite

Create your bright mosaic with pegs. Peg Brite is a lamp toy to light up a kid’s room in a creative way. It has a nice trendy...

Lacing ABC + 123

The term ‘early literacy’ covers all activities which help children develop writing skills, such as scribbling, recognizing s...

Rami Code

Rami Code facilitates the first experiences of "programming". It stimulates computational thinking, which is the ability to b...

Pallino Coding

It adopts 2 game modes; it composes mosaics following the drawings of the cards and it composes mosaics following the algorit...

Secret Code

A strategy game for two or more players, with two levels of difficulty. Using deductive reasoning and logic, the “decoder” ha...